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We are so proud of our team at Shoot My House. Each member of the team displays the qualities that we consider our core values. Passion, Integrity, Humor and Style.


An actress by profession – I have worked in many areas of film making. Assisting a casting agent led on to cast coordinating on Johannesburg TV Shoots between acting gigs and when I went to the UK landed me working for a major production company in Carnaby Street, London for several years. Back in SA I got stuck into Film and TVC production in Cape Town but the lure of locations was always there for me and starting Shoot my House a great way to act again and have my own business where I get to bring everything I have learned together . I love seeing how people live – and the spaces they inhabit – how they inform it and how it informs them. I love the relationships that are forged with location owner and our clients alike. What we do is all about relationships – as is everything!

I’m obsessed with Nature, Architecture, product design, interior design, storytelling, my daughter, movie making, beauty and magic.
On any given weekend you will find me in the sea, on my kayak or walking on one of the many magnificent mountains we are so blessed to live amongst.


Liz has been part of the Shoot my House family for over 6 years now, but Jeanne’s family for the whole of her life.

We are sisters and there is nothing more wonderful and comforting than having a “sista” who is a sister on your team. Her passion, drive, creativity and attention to detail are quite simply breathtaking. this is what she has to say….

I come from a 25 plus year background as illustrator, fine artist and facilitator of art for kids and adults..

Working at SMH since 2016, I’ve built good relationships With both scouts and production and look forward to all the briefs that come our way.

I love the challenge of finding the weird and wonderful locations requested, as well as matching our existing, fantastic locations with our clients briefs.

I am passionate about my work at SMH and as an artist, love that our work forms a part of the bigger picture.


Sharleen has worked for Shoot my House as a Location booker for over 9 years. After Covid her role changed to that of onsite liason. 

Her attention to detail and her extraordinary ability to remain calm, Good humoured and friendly in even the most pressured of situations make her an indispensable part of the Shoot My House Family. Her self written bio confirms all these qualities and so many more…..

My world revolves around love, laughter, and cherishing the simple pleasures of life and an unwavering devotion to my family and friends. The saying goes, home is where the heart is, this is why property is my passion. When I am not busy taking over the world, you’ll find me strolling along the sandy shores, channeling my inner philosopher as I ponder life’s most profound questions, like, “Why do seagulls always act like they haven’t had a decent meal in years?”

Best Cape Town Photoshoot and Filming Locations

At Shoot my house location agency we represent the very best film shoot locations and photoshoot venues that South Africa has to offer. Specifically focused on the Western Cape, our portfolio displays a strong selection of residential properties, photographic studios, industrial locations and office film shooting locations within Cape Town and the surrounding areas. Our film locations for rent outside of the greater Cape Town area are chosen for their individuality, and ability to offer something that just isn’t available in Cape Town itself. Sprawling Farms and Countryside, Stately Homes, Sci Fi dream beach homes, Art Deco wonderlands, amazing video shoot locations, the best summer photoshoot locations, French inspired Manor Houses – we provide all of that and more!

Our filming locations provide the backdrop for feature films, TV Commercials, stills shoots, web content shoots, photo library, advertorial brochures, music videos, press and PR Launches, very select events and top VIP Accommodation for visiting film stars.

Finding Inspirational Film and Photoshoot Locations in our Location Library

Browsing the website couldn’t be easier. In our film location properties section you can view our huge film locations library with an incredible selection of stunning properties to choose from. Our convenient film location search finder enables you to quickly search You can search by location name, category, area, or keyword.

Feel free to opt in to our mailing list so that you are first to see the stunning new locations that come in weekly!

The Shoot My House Difference

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and our properties are primarily situated in the Western Cape with some select film location listings in Johannesburg, Pretoria and select other areas of South Africa.

We source film set locations everywhere. From top interior magazines to driving around finding the specific photo and film shoot locations we feel we need, always on the lookout for special gems that are quirky, individual, inspiring and beautiful.

We are proud to say that over the years we have worked with top directors on high profile feature films and television series from all over the world. Our film friendly locations have also hosted shoots for many of the top brands out there everything from PlayStation to Sony, Nike, MacDonald’s, Amazon, Philips, Tata, Netflix, Carrefour, Boden the list is endless.

What sets us apart from other film location agencies is our attention to detail and our involvement in the process. In the lead up to feature films and series we are as involved as you want us to be in terms of negotiating terms and rates, arranging base camps, attending recces, renegotiating contracts, sourcing contractors and dealing with post shoot details.

The combined experience of the team at Shoot My House is unparalleled in our industry.  With decades of experience working in the film and stills industries prior to forming Shoot My House,the team has a wealth of valuable insight.Over the years the Shoot My House portfolio has grown exponentially, and the company’s reputation has gone from strength to strength. Now an industry name, the agency is well known for its high-quality film and photoshoot locations, the level of service and the friendly and efficient team.

Our team love to work with people and friendly clear communication is key to our ongoing success year on year. The team nurture the relationships they develop with the location owners and clients and go above and beyond to make sure that the film location services they provide are consistently excellent. It’s a high stress job at times with very quick turn arounds. We see that, and we do our utmost to make our clients look good for their clients. We do it all by going the extra mile and sometimes also by being a sympathetic ear! We love what we do, and it shows.

Both professional and personal

We have had the pleasure of working with SMH for many years, whilst renting our houses for film shoots. ( 10 or 15 years but my memory is like my hair – receding)
Their service has been both professional and personal, which in this day and age is unusual in my opinion.
I would not hesitate in recommending their services if you are planning on renting to a film crew – SMH have always done what is needed, and more.

Derek Williams
Picture Window location owner

First port of call!

Shoot my House is my first port of call when looking for most locations within Cape Town and Western Cape. They have a incredibly well curated database of film friendly locations, anything from MTV Crib style houses to dilapidated industrial buildings and a train station to boot! Red and her team understand production and negotiate extremely fair fees on your behalf with an incredibly meticulous management style.
Liam Johnston

Appreciate the effort

I always enjoy working with Shoot My House, and appreciate the effort they put into getting me into their locations as well as their suggestions of appropriate locations. They are friendly and efficient, so its always a pleasure.

Philippa Dresner
Location scout

Our property is always looked after

We enjoy having our property managed for shoots by SMH, as we know they look after it well, protect us while still being fair to the production company , and they keep us well informed during the different stages of getting a shoot- from scout recce’s to the wrap days!


Shady Oaks Location

An easy choice

Allowing one’s personal space to be invaded by a film crew is not necessarily an easy operation!

My house has been a location on SMH books for 3 years.  I have found SMH to be utterly professional in their dealings with me.  They have been pleasant, helpful and resolved any issues (all be they minor ones) with speed and to a high level of satisfaction.  They are efficient and keep me informed at all times.  In a nutshell – SMH has been a pleasure to deal with and has made the process of making my house available as a location, a very easy one.

Thank you Jeanne and Team!

Jane - Homeowner BELL HOUSE

#SMH Family

I just want to say thank you so much for making my shoot possible,  I came to you guys with an impossible request due to budget constraints and last hour request, and you guys more than delivered, my clients were very happy and that made production extremely happy.
We are definitely #SMH family after your amazing work. Can’t wait to do more business with you guys.
Andile Sinqoto | DIRECTOR
Andile Sinqoto