Whether you are looking for film or still locations in Cape Town, or looking to list your property, we have put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist you. please do not hesitate to call us and we can assist you.


A stills day is a 10 hour day and 5 hours for a half day. These hours must fall between 7am and 9pm. Anything outside of these hours requires approval by location owner and agent.

A film day is a 14 hour day and 7 hours for a half day. Some properties insist on a 12 hour shoot day. We will inform you of these particular locations as they come up. Hours are calculated from 1st man on and last man off set. These hours must fall between 7am and 9pm. Anything outside of these hours requires approval by the location owner and agent as well as concurrence from all the required neighbours.

Insurance is required before access to any location


When a production company is initially interested in your location – we may arrange for a location scout to come out and take a look and take their own photos for the purposes of better selling the space for the specific shoot.

A technical recce happens on film shoots once a location has been booked and is a visit to the chosen location with all the heads of department in attendance. They will come and have a site meeting for around an hour – discuss the equipment they need, the way they are going to shoot it, what art department and set dressing want to do, where they will park vehicles, dress cast, base client and agency etc. A technical recce involves up to 20 people.

We will schedule this with you. You are not required to be there. We will send you notes after the tech recce outlining all plans.

A film shoot (TV Commercial) day is 14 hours. That is from 1st person on site to last person out.

A prep and wrap day is a 10 hour day and is charged traditionally at 50% of the shoot day fee because it is a much smaller group of people just doing set up for the day or shooting or wrap out the day after.

A stills shoot day is a 10 hour day and a half day is 5 hours.

The fee structure is about the footprint. Film shoots have a much bigger footprint because there are so many people involved and big equipment and therefore the “wear and tear” on a location is greater. Stills is a much smaller amount of people and there is no heavy equipment, big trucks etc

We bill for film and TV Commercials prior to the shoot and will always try to pay you either the day before or on the shoot day. Our policy is payment up front for shoots. The same goes for stills though sometimes the turn around is so fast that it is impossible to get payment prior to a shoot. We therefore reserve the right to pay within 10 days of the shoot.

If your home is chosen for a shoot, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to make arrangements at your expense for your pets. Generally cats are fine to remain on the premises unless they are very nervous and may be shaken by the experience. Sometimes locking them safely in a room that is inaccessible to the film or stills crew is enough. With dogs you may need to book them into a kennel for the day or take them to a friend or family member if they are likely to bark or be intimidating to the people on set.