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Vintique film, photoshoot & accommodation. Natural Pool in front of house.

We are thrilled to introduce VINTIQUE, one of our newest locations - an incredible property, to say the least!

From a flowing stream and large pond to a rooftop garden and natural pool, this location offers a plethora of remarkable features. Although set on an expansive piece of land nestled in a quiet corner of the Constantia greenbelt, you will still find many intimate areas, all of which add to the overall charm of the property.

The building itself stands proudly yet harmoniously blending with its lush surroundings. With a nod to Bali-esque design, the soft neutral tones and textures of the walls, along with the large wooden doors and windows, beautifully frame and setting the stage for what lies inside.

That being said, the transition between the inside and outside is beautiful, creating a haven within a haven. Moreover, spacious and smaller, more intimate balconies and verandas add to the connection that the home has with its beautiful surroundings.

The interiors of VINTIQUE are equally exceptional!
The attention to detail, thoughtful design choices, and soft, warm palette create a serene and inviting atmosphere and space.
Despite the generous spaces and high ceilings, the home manages to foster an intimate and cosy environment. The walls and ceiling, with their natural hue and soft texture, provide a warm canvas for the interior spaces. The beautiful, rich wooden flooring adds sophistication and ensures a sense of continuity throughout the house. The open plan kitchen is not only stunning but also serves as a focal and central design and entertainment hub of the home. It beautifully echoes the colours and textures found throughout the rest of the house. The living spaces in VINTIQUE are plentiful, with double dining areas, an intimate TV lounge, and a generous main living area. This home is designed with spaciousness in mind. Even the stairwell, leading to an incredible vaulted ceiling exercise landing, makes a subtle yet spacious statement of its own.

Overall, VINTIQUE’s interiors are a perfect combination of style, comfort, and attention to detail. The warm colour palette, rich textures, and thoughtful design elements make it a truly exceptional location. For a more comprehensive view of this stunning locations, please visit our website. Alternatively, contact our office to request a full package that includes more images.

Kitchen at Vintique
Vintique a film, Photoshoot & accommodation location by Shoot My House. Image show entrance of the home.
Passageway with beautiful modern art on the walls at Vintique in Constantia.
Treehouse at Vintique in Constantia Cape Town. Location available for film and Photo shoots.
Kids Bedroom at Vintique in Constantia