Philippi Village


Property Description

stills STILLS

film FILM

Philippi Village is an innovative space that encourages entrepreneurs and is an inclusive community space. The village offers great  spaces that are adaptable to the requirements of various productions from Stills, to TV Commercials and Film.  Its beautiful landscapes have catered to international films, such as Maze Runner, Resident Evil, and national films like Nkululeko. There are also storage space, catering, and parking facilities with various areas to use for filming. You can also use the offices for rent for brainstorming and film conceptualisation or even figuring out specifics of scenes.

There are many areas to shoot films, photographs, and other various media takes at Philippi Village. Our spaces include:

  • Offices to film in
  • Parts of the container walk
  • Storage spaces in the Container Walk or the Hub
  • Skate park
  • Five-a-side football court
  • Designated film space
  • Silos
  • Social zone
  • The Amphitheatre

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