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Campbell House in Vredehoek, Cape Town, designed by architect Michael Lumby, is a stunning example of modernist architecture with a nod to the Art deco architecture of the area. The house is characterized by its clean lines, bold forms, and use of natural materials such as brick, concrete and glass.

In order to capitalise on space and light on a small stand, the brick home is built on three floors with a total footprint of 1520 square feet.

What sets it apart is the unique curved brick façade that is unusual and visually breathtaking.

“The theme was to invest in craftsmanship and custom detailing rather than expensive finishing and materials.” Lumby says.

Lumby achieves beauty through a kind
of alchemy, elevating humble materials
selected for their low-maintenance and
patina-friendly profile.

Keeping the overall palette muted the emphasis rather, has been on texture, and a number of gorgeously sensual textures have been used throughout. The architect has also played with scale and light, creating a home that is visually exciting, unexpected and yet still user friendly. Walking through the home feels like a delightful and playful adventure in modern living.

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