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Our Hopes for a Future beyond CORONA

21 Days That Will Test Our Nation’s Fortitude

To our Dearest South African Clients …

We can say that in our lifetime (so far) we lived through load shedding, the severest of water restrictions and now a worldwide corona pandemic and self-quarantine. It’s a lot to throw at us over not a long spread of years and yet what is amazing is that for most South Africans we remain resilient and have retained our sense of humour. The next 21 days will test that, and for a lot of us, a temporary sense of humor failure is a given. At times like these Character is built and mental toughness is developed.

Quite frankly I’d rather skip that and be able to pop off to the Seattle for a coffee with macadamia milk but that is not how it will be.

The Corona Pandemic Provides a Time to Think

In all seriousness, we have no idea what the implications of this corona pandemic will be for the world economy, for our small and medium businesses and how many of them will survive. How will this all affect global poverty? Who will come out of this stronger and who will not come out of this? What world do we want to see on the other side?  It’s a lot to wrap a head around but perhaps the tiniest of little viruses like this gives us pause to consider questions that we never have time to think about in our manic non stop normal lives.

Let’s use this time to consider what we want to create in a post-pandemic world. How we will live differently, who we will hold closer and what we will let go of.

Let it never be business as usual again! We can and we must do better.

We wish you all peace and serenity and of course good health.

We will see you on the other side of this thing – leaner, tougher but also kinder and more in touch with what matters. Let’s get through this and then be ready to rock and roll!

Stock up on rescue remedy, good books, great music and maybe a bit of red wine wouldn’t hurt either. oh dear – scrap the wine – we’re not allowed it!! 🙁

Beyond Corona

With all of our love
The Girls at Shoot My House