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“Animism” Trend Report. New Trends for Living – Design, Decor, Lifestyle

There is something inherently magical about gardens. Perhaps it’s their ability to regenerate after the harshest of winters. Gardens, and by extension, nature, has a restorative ability – it reminds us that all things are cyclical – that where there is death and destruction there is also new life coming. Where there is cold and dark – new light and warm days will follow. Where there is hopelessness new possibilities can grow.

Perhaps the greatest reminder is that without the harshness and the dark days of winter, summer would not be as sweet, and as celebratory. Without the deep unease of what some days seems too dark, we may not be pushed to have some of our greatest and most profound inspirations.

And so it has been with this interminable bleak pandemic winter. At once terrifying and transformative. In the midst of the confusion and anxiety, new ideas, new thoughts and new directions began, perhaps imperceptibly, to find a foothold deep in our psyches. New ways of seeing and interacting with the world started emerging. Embracing the notion of slow living, of community and of craft and craftmanship have been such positives to come out of this dark time. Really looking and accessing how we are spending the most precious commodity we have – TIME, has been an invaluable takeaway!!

And so we have started to see this in TRENDS emerging from this time.

Wikipedia defines ANIMISM as: Animism is the belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence.[3][4][5][6] Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork, and perhaps even words—as animated and alive.

The concept of Animism is being touted as a theme for life and art going forward.

What does this mean? Animism was the religion before religion – it is the theory of godliness – and the belief that there is life in everything – even the inanimate. Because everything is made up of particles of energy it is alive, it is vibrant and it should be respected. Given the wholesale destruction of the planet, we have seemed intent on wreaking, this new departure seems a healthy and optimistic way forward. If embraced it would mean that we are very mindful of what we consume, what we create and what we surround ourselves with. Excess and consumerism would give way to a more thoughtful curation of what we allow into our space and our lives – aware that it brings with it an energy – either positive or negative.

Covid has essentially forced us out of our rhythms – it has been a painful but necessary journey which hopefully has taught us something about slower living, about human empathy, about making time for observation and reconciliation and about the fragility and preciousness of all life.

Li Edelkort suggests that perhaps it is a time to put ourselves on the periphery of life rather than the self-centred approach we have traditionally taken. From the periphery, we are better able to see how we fit in, what we can contribute to all aspects of our world.

Pretty heady stuff right? but new directions – and transformations require some level of a new philosophy.

What this means for design, fashion, architecture and interiors is that there is a new veneration for all things Natural. Bespoke items, handmade items. Pieces that are made locally and have a story. The idea that we should resonate with the things that surround us – so that they are not just things but items with history –  imbued with experience.

Interior and design trends for 2022 and beyond are taking inspiration in terms of colour, texture and shapes from: Pebbles, Feathers, Clouds, Leaves, Moon, Animal, Seed pods, Roots, Shells, Twigs, Words and even Shadows.

Forms and shapes are almost other worldly, simple, graphic and beautiful.

There is so much here that I have given as much visual inspiration I can with just bullet points. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do. Images are from Animism – Trend forecast by Li Edelkort as well as photos that I have taken of products in various stores including Nap, SALT  and taken in restaurants and inspiring places Hans and Lloyd, Harvest Café, Dalebrook café, Crayfish Wharf Paternoster.


Playing with dimensions. Softness and strength, neutral colours, dynamic and energetic, grainy and textured.
These big soap pebbles are individually handcrafted. Shea butter, olive oil, clays and pure essential oils. 100% chemical free and biodegradable awesome soaps and save the environment one piece at the time. Available from SALT Yserfontein.
Cape Point reserve pebbles.
This pebble message found in a root in the Hermanus Milkwood forest - quite by accident. Just Magical!!


Rounded furniture shapes.

Delicate and fine linens and bedding – great attention to detail. Time in the making.

Joyous, curious and lightweight, playful

woolen fluffy, felted, endearing an attractive

3d textiles.

Joyous and lightweight. With an otherworldly sense of humour.

Felted throw from Krafthaus – available through SALT - Yserfontein


Sensitive easy to break but also resilient

Fragile but strong

Intelligence of forest

Unruly, irregular


Singular and emblematic


Linen hemp, rope


Something holy


Incorporated into prayers for protection.

Connection with the heavens

Feathers used in dreamcatchers act as a fluffy, pillow-like ladder that allows them (dreams) to gently descend upon the sleeping person undisturbed.

Shamans  – to travel – elevation soul out of body

Feather weaving – Pascal Theron- feather weaving with ostrich feathers

Feathers in fabric – beauty and elegance.Weaving featuring into textiles and fringe – tactility

Fringing and draw, hairy textural materials

Layering different colours of neutrals, unruly, almost protecting almost not finished

Almost slashed


Nesting and roosting

Also colour

Ethereal Black Swan at Bosjes Western Cape
Ethereal Black Swan – photographed at Bosjes in Western Cape


Remembering our roles as the Caretakers of animals

Animal bones cast in bronze and skulls reimagined

Animal skin in pattern but make it more abstract

Endearing and funny

Honour materials from the animals – natural colours rather than tint and dye

Animal story becomes more and more abstract – less figurative

Abstracting shapes into power and presence

Almost primitive in abstraction

Human and animal shapes come together and merge


Beautiful shapes, curve, pearlised finish, made from the inside out

Guardians of space and time living between sea and earth

Used as erotic objects to beguile

Related to female body and beauty

Translated in new shapes for furniture

Warm connected shapes

Outer aspects of shell beautiful ceramics

Organic frills and movements

Mother of pearl finish super attractive in much rougher shape

Inner colour and beauty – form and colour finding in nature, energy

Spiralling, roundness in finishes


Opulent woollen wall hangings

Very hairy floaty fringy textiles



Positive symbol

In perfect movement from birth, life, death

Sacred geometry

More abstracted

Leafs imprinted

Day beds very NB – Leaf colours

Organic shapes

Leaves embroidered on bedding

Staining and greening and imprinting

Beautiful illustrative

More abstracted going forward

Echo prints directly onto fabrics and glass

Smudging and tinting

Seed pod

Natural container of life

Built to protect and let them go when time is right

Natural patterns

Deciphering and translating

New packaging inspired by pods

Rustic bold ceramics

Shapes inspirational for shapes and colour

Nb for tenting and structure

Shapes talk to us because we know them

Assimilating and containing at so

Nb for patterns for rugs



Symbol – fundamentals of life

Society uprooted because of globalisation – not really but we think we have – need to find a new way of thinking about our roots

powerful connective instrument

Primitive language

Natural fibre paper, linen, silk




Patterned and adorned


Primitive treatment of carving

Call on return of wall hangings and textiles

Important for baskets and woven


Darker side of human nature

The revolt and aggression in us – the negative of our positive

Ink blot almost

Gives character – can be singular moments

Coating and varnishing very NB

Colours for bedding – dark

In wovens and ceramics

Very interesting for interiors


Spiritual entity

Owe it our stability


Dominating interiors

Using stone in furniture

Moon shape present in woven

Circle shape


Moon surfaces reflected in finishes

Adorned and guided – a way to make bathroom very new and unusual

Guilding in quilting

Ovals in patterns shape



Symbols motifs

Word as dream weaver

An abstraction


Intellectual introspective can be completely abstracted

Based on things form past and beauty, poetry, attention, time

We don’t need more we need less and we need to find it within our own musing and our own listening.

Consumption is easy, creation is valuable.

Putting It All Toghether

Combining all of these elements is going to lead to a very different kind of interior and a different kind of lifestyle.

Something Almost Star Wars primitive rustic

It is Very organic – lots of basketry and we are seeing that everywhere from hip café interiors, selling on the side of the road really beautifully made items, in interior stores such as Salt Yserfontein, Nap.

Textured fabrics from Ethnic velvet in neutral colours to wool, to felting, feathers, silks, linens – the textural experience very important as we embrace the idea of full sensual experience and time to experience these sensual pleasures.

Part of the slow movement celebrates the ritual of things. Of tea and coffee making – slow and savoured.

think of the Japanese tea traditions.

Conversations are slow, not rushed, there is time for deep listening, deep discussion, pause, silences.

Furniture – Chairs, sofas like clouds to envelop us

More abstract motifs

More primitive shapes

Collections of natural and cultural worlds

Creating uniqueness and unique but organic combinations

More sparse but full of life – carefully chosen

Dark colours are very important in kitchens.

beautiful organic shapes collected from beach walks in Jeffreys Bay
Masterful combination of so many of these elements – shells, roots, twigs, animal, pebbles in this bird bath and feeding wonderland!! Plankhuis – Western Cape.