If one word could sum up the last few years i would say that word would be OVERWHELM.

Tres Chic

It’s gotten to the point where i have to have 2 strong coffees before i have the courage to face my inbox. In the summer months upwards of 300 emails fly in there a day not to mention my personal inbox which is filled daily with online courses, ways of making money, ads, letters announcing the fortune i have received from long lost cousins and aunts, uncles and other family members – all mysteriously from the USA where we have no connection or family. you get the picture. our mailboxes are stuffed full with magazines we never read, neighberhood rags that trees are cut down for, special offers, broadsheets, estate agent pamphlets.

In our homes piles of things lie around that we are afraid to get rid of but never look at, clothing fills our cupboards that we may wear one day in the future even though we have never worn them before except in the change room in 1995 – and all the while our living spaces are getting smaller and smaller as the cost of living in big cities rises by the day.

I’ve just finished  Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious book entitled  “Seriously, I’m kidding”   in which she describes the various items that her mother packed up to move with in 2010 – they includes VHS tapes some unopened of various ab exercise programs, a set of cookie cutters from the late 1950’s and other items that had me crying with laughter in my car because of the hilarity of it and because i have some of those items too.

The madness must end. Is the opposite of this a sparten existence? Should we be striving for that or can we settle on simplicity?  The idea that everything has a place and everything in its place and that everything that is in your space is purposely chosen to be there – its not there by happenstance. Living purposefully, mindfully and how it flows over into the choices we make within our most private spaces. that sounds a bit wierd but you know what i mean. Our homes environments. I like that idea and so was delighted to find a book on interior design by that name. Because if there is one thing i CANNOT bring myself to stop hording its books and magazines. its a sickness people!

The great joy of my job is seeing the cool spots that people call home but even better meeting the awesome people who have made those homes awesome. For example the talented Beate who calls BAREFOOT home. Beate is an interior designer (which you can see when you look at her home)

“the practise of subtraction” – using three components in a space instead of Ten requires that any of those three items are far more consequential in impact than any of the ten.

Barefoot has a paired down interior to give every element more weight and meaning.


Simplicity doesnt have to mean spartan spaces – What it does require is balance and a sense of order whether that is through repetition, duplication and proportion as in Country Life

In a completely different sort of space House Hugo – the same rules are applied – using repetition of colour to achieve extraordinary effect.


Silver Villa uses oversized light fittings to manipulate scale and proportion as well as repetition of wooden elements to tie the different seating together and the room as a whole together

Enigma Mansion uses texture and pattern to create an overall harmony of design. Check out the silk wallcoverings and the opulent velvet upholstery.

So to sum up – Simplicity- as it relates to interiors requires that you practise

  • The practise of subtraction – each element be carefully “curated”  NO Abritrary clutter allowed.
  • Repetition – repeting elements of colour, or texture, material , pattern or shape to create a cohesive whole (Not all these elements!!!)
  • Proportion – playing with oversized pieces in small spaces or vice versa to manipulate scale and proportion.

We are so inspired by our homeowners magnificent spaces and are intrigued by how they express themselves and their individuality in the homes that they inhabit. We love to share the beautiful ways that they live with you. We would love to hear what you think.

with love