Property Description

Mintaka is one of those wonderful locations that hark back to another era - sitting in the midst of our more modern homes in leafy suburbia, there is no way of telling that this magnificent old lady is here. And then there she is!! The property is breathtaking in its size and what it has to offer. The gardens are lovingly tended by a teams of gardeners and botanists - there are rose gardens, little ponds, running water, foresty areas, rolling lawn areas. The options for creating beautiful images is ENDLESS. And then there is the backdrop of the house which is a great cheat for one of our most treasured hotels THE MOUNT NELSON. There is so much that this beautiful property offers and with a team of delightful people on site who are easy to work with, eager to get this beautiful property working, we are so excited to get it booking and offering you all the delights it brings.

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