Villa Intaba

Location: Bishopscourt, Cape Town

This Monolithic mansion on the hill is awe inspiring from the moment you drive up to the impressive gates and begin your steep ascent up the driveway toward this home. Bodies of water outside the front entrance and the pure symmetry of the lines suggest that you are in for something on a whole other level to the ordinary. The view from your arrival point at the top of the driveway is astonishing in itself - as it looks down into the valley. The epic proportions of the villa from the doorway leading into the home, the volume of the interiors and the almost monastic lines of the staircases and clean decluttered spaces create a free flow of air and energy. Walking through the home to the large grassed and pool area I was struck by how much it felt like a mansion in Beverley Hills - Copper accents feature throughout the house as does water. A dream home designed by the owner interior designer in collaboration with the architect Luis Mira - this is a one of a kind location and as we expected is getting tons of attention from film makers!!

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