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Today’s blog post is a little different from the norm because today i’m imploring anyone who reads this blog and who lives in the Western Cape –  who either cares about the film industry , makes their living from it or cares about the huge revenue that this industry contributes to our gross domestic product to have their say on between now and the 31st August.

The City is in the process of finalising the draft City of Cape Town Filming By-law, 2016 and draft City of Cape Town Municipal Planning Third Amendment By-law, 2016.
The draft by-laws relate to the regulation of filming activities on all properties within Cape Town.
On the 15th August there will be an open day where members of the public and affected parties are invited to attend an open day session where comments and / or representation on the drafts can be made.

What we are determined to see in this new draft is a change to the 2015 stipulations that require anyone wanting to host film shoots on their private properties to apply for and obtain an occasional land use permit. This stipulation, given the time frame required for such a permit to be obtained would effectively destroy our industry and make filming in Cape Town impossible.

Comments and input can also be sent via email or by completing one of the online forms. Please see the link below for more information. I urge all our homeowners to get involved and to have your say. None of us want to see our incomes destroyed by needless red tape. Lets remind the city how the film industry contributes not only directly but also through the revenue it brings the hospitality industries including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, home rentals, transport companies, tourism, retailers – how it contributes to promoting SA as a tourist destination and of course how many jobs it creates along the way.

Filming Bylaw Info, Contacts and Forms

I hope  that you will contribute to this discussion and help us to save our industry for all who benefit from it.