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Exciting new Interior trends on show.

It’s been a while since our last post. Sometimes life comes at us full throttle and the pressures of work, family, health become a little overwhelming. But I’m back now and so excited to share with you the trends that were on show this weekend at the yearly Decorex exhibition in Cape town, South Africa – a huge exhibition of interior and exterior trends – a homemakers meca and a design bloggers dream. Great stuff to see at this one and some really exciting trends. A lot of black.

Black walls, furniture, shelving. Matt black, gloss black. Black marble, black kitchens, sinks, bathtubs!! While it sounds a bit harsh it works so well with the other major trend which is Green. Interior plants, hanging moss balls as well as magnificent emerald green chairs and sofas adorned many a stand. Going hand in hand with this is another major trend for 2017 – the Urban Jungle. A desire to reconnect with the natural world, is seeing elements of nature seeping into the 2017 designs, with dark shades of green set against tan leathers, brass lamps and natural linen. . A real rustic element has also crept into design in the form of weathered wood, metal and woven baskets which is a welcome diversion from the generic hum drummery of many an upmarket home. Along with this is the concept of embracing imperfection as a design aesthetic. Those of us who don’t have 24 hour house keepers will breathe a collective sigh of relief here.

In sharp contrast to this is the use of luxurious fabrics like velvet. Copper is still everywhere in cutlery, light fittings, baskets, tables, kitchenware as are other metallics namely brass and gold. Of course the large filamented naked bulb is EVERYWHERE. Loving this look and combining it with old school industrial copper pipes is such a huge trend and one of my favourites.
What I realy liked about this years’s show was that there seemed to be more examples of individuality and quirkiness. More art, more nature. Yes there was the hard sell – people with headsets trying to sell you mattresses, kitchen appliances and all manner of items that inevitably get lost in the bottom draw never to be used again – but that is part of what a trade show involves.

I havent gone into the cooking but there was a lot of that too. Chef as alchemist continues to be a big trend. Garden specialists were a huge drawcard too with great ideas on using what you have in your garden in clever and inivative ways.
I’m inspired and I’m also so excited about sharing my upcoming blogs with you. don’t want to give too much away but they are controversial, glamorous, minimalist in turn. Hope this has been of interest – got you thinking – inspired. Let me know with your comments and see you next week!