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The glorious rains we experience in the winter of 2019 and the subsequent rise in dam and water table levels have meant that our beautiful gardens can once again flourish. Merriam Webster defines a garden as a plot of land where herbs, fruits, flowers or vegetables are cultivated. But, to my mind, a great garden is more than that. It feeds the soul. It provides sanctuary, refuge from the harshness of the outside world. It is A place for harnessing nature’s energy and refueling before launching out again into the fray!

Gardens in Cape Town that Reflect Homeowners Personalities

We have put together a little compilation of some of our favourite gardens. They are as different from each other as it's possible to be. Each one speaks to the homeowner’s personality and is an extension of what is important and beautiful to them. Often left to their own devices and largely ignored or undervalued, gardens can, and often are, nothing more than a patch of lawn with a few shrubs planted around the border with precious little thought to what a garden can say about the people who live at that address. Not so with these beautiful gardens.

Forest Zen: Magnificent Tiered Garden Perfect for Still Photo Shoots

Forest Zen uses the plot specifics to dictate the layout of the garden. With a beautiful little stream running right through the middle of the property the owner has cleverly used a series of wooden walkways and platforms to create useable spaces above the water and to link both sides of the garden. The result is a garden that is peaceful, calming and that is an extension of the owner’s philosophy. Forest Zen is currently available for still shoots.

Forest Zen in Newlands Cape Town. Beautiful Garden Photoshoot Location
Forest Zen Newlands Cape Town. Notice the stream running through the beautiful garden.

Dawn 777: Garden Styled to Enhance Constantia Mountain Views

Dawn 777’s garden overlooks the majestic Constantiaberg mountains and the awesomeness of that would be marred by large trees on the periphery, so they have opted for indigenous vegetation that hugs the earth and have created wooden walkways through the indigenous garden. The garden is further adorned with magnificent sculptures. Directly in front of the house is an area of the finest greenest lawn you ever saw which caters to playing kids and outdoor functions. A boxed vegetable garden to the side of the house is presided over by a large-scale sculpture. Dawn 777 is a popular stills and film location in Constantia, Cape Town.

Dawn 777 in Constantia in Cape Town is one of Shoot My House prime garden film and photoshoot locations in Cape Town
Dawn 777 Cape Town with its finest green lawn. Notice the magnificent sculptures and wooden walkways.

Midnight in The Garden: Traditional Style Rose Garden in Somerset West

Midnight In The Garden in Somerset West is available for still shoots
Midnight in the Garden in Somerset West is available for Still Shoots.

Midnight in The Garden in Somerset West is a part of a larger farm. The owner's love of all things roses is very apparent within this garden. A more traditional style garden with a huge lawn running up to the manor house, beds of roses adorn both sides of the lawn and a magnificent dedicated walled-in rose garden presides over the back garden. They have used large trees including cypresses to demarcate the garden areas from the rest of the farm with its acres of vineyards beyond. Book Midnight in The Garden wine estate in Somerset West today and take advantage of its magnificent garden for your still shoot.

Angels View: Garden and House with Italian Feel a Stellenbosch Favorite

Angels View has a distinct Italian feel to the house and the garden with its water features including ponds and its Cyrus trees. Again, a love of roses is clearly visible in this garden which utilizes garden “rooms” to create interest and secret areas. Terraces have also been used to create interest. Lavender, roses, masses of plantings of Agapanthus abound. Beautiful arched walkways with gravel pathways add to the romanticism of this garden. There is a riot of colour in this garden of many flowers. Angels View in Stellenbosch near Cape Town is a real gem and available for both film and photoshoots.

Angels View in Stellenbosch. Beautiful Garden film and photoshoot location.
Angels View Stellenbosch. Gravel paths add to the romanticism of this garden.

Heatherfield: Masterfully Shaped and Structured Town Garden in Tamboerskloof

To complement the very traditional home which dominates the property at Heatherfield, and because of the relatively small size of the garden, the owners have opted for a garden that has a lot of structure and utilizes hedging and shaped bushes to create interest and define areas as separate from each other. In amongst this structure are plantings of more unstructured elements like free climbing creepers. Rather than colour the garden design has concentrated on shape and structure in this beautifully considered town garden. Heatherfield is a classic property in Tamboerskloof Cape Town that is available for still shoots.

Heatherfield in Tamboerskloof in Cape Town with its structured and shaped garden avalable for still shoots.
Heatherfield in Tamboerskloof with its structured and shaped that compliments the traditional property

Toulouse: Beautiful Italian and French Style Farm Garden Overlooking Stellenbosch Valley

Toulouse, by contrast, is a large farm garden. A gentle nod to Italian and French style is apparent in this garden. The garden looks down into the Stellenbosch valley in all its magnificence and again the design takes this overwhelming view into account.

Large areas of grass are cut into with lush and almost overgrown flower beds bursting with colour and texture. Large rounded hedging creates interest and whimsy in this abundant garden. The vegetation seems to be bursting out of everywhere in this magical garden. Repetition is used to great effect in order to hold all the various aspects of the garden together in a cohesive whole. Toulouse is a delightful home on Waterford estate.

Toulouse in Stellenbosch is available as photoshoot and film location
Garden at Toulouse looking down into the Stellenbosch Valley. Notice the rounded hedging that creates interest in this magnificent garden.

Southern Belle: Colourful Suburban Garden in Constantia creates Movement and Interest

A more suburban garden is that of Southern Belle in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The home is a traditional Cape Dutch building, so it is only fitting that a large oak tree has pride of place in front of the verandah. The owner has created a lovely garden room using a red brick wall with a round keyhole within it. This clever detail tricks the mind into imagining a mirror in the garden where there is none. The wide beds of this garden are planted full of repeated colourful shrubs and flowers that flower at different times of the year. Playing with varying heights and Texture creates movement and interest in this tranquil refuge. Southern Belle is an awesome family home often used for film and photoshoots in Cape Town.

Southern Belle is an awesome family home often used for film and photoshoots in Cape Town
Southern Belle is a wonderful suburban garden in Cape Town.

Top 10 Photoshoot Locations in Cape Town

Photoshoot Locations Cape Town and Surrounding Areas : Picking Our Top Stars

It’s the end of the financial year and a brilliant time to look back at the year that’s just passed and see who our top stars have been.

We like to think of it as our very own Oscars.

So, let’s roll out the red carpet for these beauties:

Modern Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the MODERN Category – the astounding DAWN 777 – with a backdrop of the Constantiaberg mountain range. This magnificent home is a triumph of glass, cement and wood. Managing to retain its warmth despite the expansive dimensions is the real genius of this home that is first and foremost a family home and then an immensely popular photoshoot location.



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Brands: VW, Shell, Philips, Lie to Me (feature film), ICE (Feature) Cape Original Trading.

Mediterranean Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the MEDITERANNEAN Category – Hacienda, the Spanish style (hence the name) home has done a booming trade. The combination of the terracotta tiles, the wonderful entrance and sweeping staircase and wonderful kitchen with ceramic detail has inspired many a production designer, art director and director.

Brands: Next, MrP, Otto, Alder, Heatons, Viagra,

Series: Origin

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All Round Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the ALL ROUNDER CATEGORY Schoenstatt -  A wonderful property in Constantia this is 4.5 hectares of beauty and tranquility. The facilities include the magnificent Herbert Baker building conference Centre with wood paneled interiors, pressed ceilings and large imposing staircase. In the garden Centre building are 2 halls as well as various apartments, corridors and office areas.

A heritage barn has been of immense fascination for many shoots with its beautiful wooden doors and unique features

The grounds are vast and offer space for whole feature film basecamps.

Series and Features: Origin, The Ulysses Grant story, 438 Days

Brands: Lotto

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Villa Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the VILLA Category – South Fork is the clear winner with teams flocking to shoot within the beautiful grounds and grand house. The exterior looks quite Tuscan in style with immense proportions and with a sweeping view of the Helderburg valley. The interior has extraordinary areas including a very popular wood paneled office, a large cellar and games room area, formal sitting room, huge bedrooms, a formal structured garden and a wonderful entrance area fantastic for car commercials.

Series and Features: Deep State, Doctor Who

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Contemporary Family Home Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the CONTEMPORARY FAMILY HOME category – Family Tree has done a roaring trade. What do people love about this property? Its easily accessible, the owner is very accommodating and open to shoots. The open plan lightness of the house makes it easily adaptable and easy to shoot in. screed floors are light. The kitchen dining living areas are all open plan and the aspect to the garden really workable. The kids playroom is a lovely big room that has been redressed as an office, lounge, doctors’ room – so very adaptable.

Brands: Shoprite, Skin renewal, HP, My Kids, Kiri – Laughing Cow, Eli Lily, Citroen

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Farm House Family Home Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the FARM HOUSE FAMILY HOME Category – Glen Dirk is our out and out star.

What do directors and production designers love about this home? The kitchen, the living area with French doors to the garden, large living room, there is just something about this house that keeps people coming back for more. Set on a beautiful farm – one of the original Wynberg farms the house has a magic about it that has to be experienced.

Brands: Hectic, TATA, City of Cape Town water, Chocapics, Avito, Samsung, Garden Furniture

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Beach House Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the BEACH HOUSE Category – Natural Beauty is the West Coast champion. Designed by an unstoppable husband and wife team this home is calming, with clean lines, beautiful views and has a tranquility that photo shoot teams adore. What a winner!!!

Brands: H&M, Kid, Garden furniture, Zolando, Solar, Ernstings, Myself.

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  1. In the FARM Category – Legacy / Wiesenhof Farm is our most successful stills farm location this year. With multiple dams and log cabins, boat house and so many options for photography teams this location really ticks all the boxes for stills photography. Whole campaigns over several days have been shot on this wonderfully adaptable location.


Brands: Boden, Mini Boden, Scheisser, Metamension Aragon, Nayomi, Supernova Exact, Outdoor Furniture, Baur, Aldi Sud, CWN

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Contemporary/Modern Family Home Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the CONTEMPORARY / MODERN Posh Family HomeOak Apple is the clear forerunner. This property is loved as a Photoshoot location as well as a TV Commercial location. It’s not difficult to see why. Large and light double and triple volume living areas look onto a tranquil and fragrant garden. Tastefully furnished rooms inspire and delight and are perfect as is to shoot. This is exactly what photo shoot teams are looking for.

Brands: Purina, Tomy, Muller, Amazon

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Accomodation/Modern Beach Home Photoshoot Locations

  1. In the ACCOMMODATION / MODERN BEACH HOME Category – Ice House is our glittering star. What a property this is. Carved out of the Llundudno slopes and utilizing the massive boulders on the property within the build of the house – Ice house clings to the mountain slopes and proudly stares out to sea. Full of extraordinary art and each area cleverly designed to maximize the views, and the various site-specific aspects this property is to die for.

Brands: Resident Evil, Good Omens, Ani Beach Wear


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A Home -What Really Matters - Part One

I have long been a fan of Lucia van der Post, daugher of our own Laurens Van der Post. Regarded as one of the most stylish women in England and a doyene of good taste, I have always agreed with her that the things that matter in a house, apart from it being filled with people that you love, (which is really the only important thing) are books, flowers, music, food and wine. In all of these catagories you dont have to be a millionaire to acquire them - the fridge does not need to be stocked exclusively with Crystal and caviar - the books not required to be first editions, the flowers can be field flowers - what matters is that they speak to you - to what you love and hold dear.

Books Filling a home with the books on subjects that you love and that interest you speaks volumes about who you are and what is important to you. They are easier than ever to come upon thanks to Amazon, whose endless selection of coffee table books is extraordinary.   Just scanning through whats on offer on amazon.com can be a little overwhelming. Of course Kindle is now an option too which is handy when you're on the go constantly and dont have a place to keep an extensive collection of books but there is something so special about the weight , the smell and the tangibility of a real coffee table book that Kindle can never match.  Closer to home and if you can't handle the wait Exclusive Books and Wordsworth Books always offer a very exciting array of must have books. Lately they have had the most fabulous coffee table books featuring the great contemporary designers. Markets and second hand book stores are a wonderful source of preloved treasures that you wouldn't necessarily find anywhere else and should not be overlooked. I have found some absoute beauties in the strangest of places - In Plett recently - the most wonderful 2nd hand book shop or Hermanus, stanford, down the road. You just need some time and patience. Specialty stores now also stock books that are within the same genre and often these are very interesting finds that chain bookstores would not keep. Latsly i have found some real beauties at trade fairs like Decorex and the annual Home expos. I spend every available cent, and even some that are not available tragically, on books. My current absolute favourites (some old some new in my own collection are:
Annie Leibovitz- Photographs (a collection of her iconic photographs of celebrities and game changers) This extraordinary photographer belongs in any art lovers collection as far as i am concerned. She has taken portrait photography to a new level. Beloved by Vogue and all the top fashion magazines Annie's work just keeps stretching and astonishing her audience.
Leading Ladies (Don MacPherson and Louise Brody) is a book I've had for years but will always be one of my all time favourites. Filled with black and white photos of starlets from the very beginning of cinema - The Silent Era's Theda Bara and Evelyn Brent all the way through to the 1980's Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer and Greta Scacchi's - this book gives me endless inspiration.
In Detail - Inspiring Ideas for Creative Interiors (Hans Blomquist) is a new purchase of mine that I am loving. A designer with a keen sense of the little details that are often overlooked, this book is filled with the most wonderful close up images and deals with nature, texture, colour, textiles, collections and display. Its artisanal eye candy!!
Botanicum - (curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Wills) I am obsessed with old fashioned botanical prints. Obsessed! So this books with its extraordinary artistic renderings just does my business. Enough said.
Parisiennes - (Flammarion) is another coffee table book of images of Parisiennes living life from 1914 to the early 1980's. From socialites, the Coco Chanels' of the world through to anonymous ladies in the park walking with parambulators. The book is entirely in French - I bought it while in Paris and its all about the images for me rather than improving my French comprehension which remains marginal. I drove my partner mad because by the time we got to the airport I was so weighed down with enormous books in arms I could barely drag by suitcase behind me. What you gonna do? I also bought a beautiful book on that same trip in Amsterdam called The Big book for Little Gardens - (John Brookes) well it means that but its all in Dutch. Dont care! Its all about the pictures.
There are a million more I would love to mention. Loving Style icons - a book on the south african style icons of the early 21st century. Perfect Hideaways (Paul Duncan) first coffee table book with extraordinary images of some of the magnificent homes that are available locally for short term holiday lets. Looking forward to Volume 2 - hint hint is anyone from PH is reading this! Henri Cartier Bresson's coffee table books make me want to weep with their beauty, Sebastiao Salgado's Migrations, One2One, Anything on Gaudi, Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors (the shabby chic bible)

Cookery books are also a passion of mine. No collection is complete without Delia Smith's How to Cook. I am also a fan of Secrets of a French Cooking Class by Marlene Van Der Westhuizen. Filled with the most sumptious photographs of both her food and the magnificent French Village of Charroux that she takes her students to for their education. Marlene is a Capetonian whose heart belongs somewhere between home and the cobble stones of the french countryside. Even Gwyneth Paltrow's book - It's All Good has the most wonderful and healthy recipes and beautiful photographs as has The Fresh Vegan Kitchen (David and Charlotte Bailey)  and Fresh India (Meera Sodha)
Initially I had intended this blog to cover books in total. Ha ha!!Rather ambitious of me but its such a vast topic that I can only begin to chat about Coffee Table books really and mostly the ones that get my juices flowing - and only a tiny fraction of those!!. I would love to hear about books that move you. As always I would Love to hear from you and hope that this has been a fun read. let me know!! In the follwing blogs we'll look at the other must haves - Music, Flowers, food, wine. See you soon.
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A Conversation with Macio Miszewski



A few weeks ago i decided it would be wonderful to profile some of Cape town's most extraordinary architects and so i contacted VDMMA Architects as the first of the most influential architects working in South Africa today. Van der Merwe Miszewski are architectural royalty. I have for many years admired their residential designs - Bridge house, Tree House, Maison, Box House, Forest house (the list goes on)- but not until recently did I fully appreciate the scope of their work and their contribution to our urban landscape. The extraordinary list of their projects includes The CTICC, UCT School of economics, Maison, The Maison tasting Room, De Beers Headquarters, and in partnership with Heatherwick Studios and MDL - the Silo precinct at the V&A Waterfront,Cape town. VDMMA are the master planners for the precinct and resposible for The Precinct Urban Design of the Public Realm, as well as Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . The Grain Silos– being the conversion of the Historic Silo within the Precinct to be converted into the Zeitz MOCAA Museum and Boutique Hotel – Heatherwick are the Design Architects and VDMMA, with RBA and JP are Executive Architects. The entire project will include a massive art gallery, residential spaces, commercial and retail spaces all working within the framework of the historical grain silos. The scope of their past, current and proposed projects is quite simply mindboggling.
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.02.40 PM

I was lucky enough to "chat" with Macio Miszewski of Van derMerwe Miszewski Architects about his design philosophy, influences and some thoughts on the future of architecture.

Macio Miszewski grew up in an architectural household, son of Maciek Miszewski (himself a highly respected architect). Consequently from the moment he could see he saw the masters of the 20th century and most of what had preceded the 20th century. "Until I was 20 I lived in 2 houses Maciek designed. Le Corbusier's "Oevre Complet" lay on the coffee table he designed. I grew up with grainy black and white images of Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Villa Stein and many more. We talked a lot about theatre, film, literature and music at home. All these things, the sea the mountains, inspired me."

What is your design aesthetic?

"There isnt one. Every site, brief and client is different. I dont know what the next building will look like and I do not follow a prescribed style. However I do believe in acknowledging the past, "listening" closely to the site, thinking hard about the idea of the building and thereafter producing the work in a way which is consistent with this thought process." A passion  for "unpacking" the way buildings are made - how they stand, what they are made of, how they work and why is central to the way Mr Miszewski works and brings to mind the most central of modernist architecural decrees - Form must follow Function.

Who are your favourite architects either current or from the past?

I’ve mentioned Le Corbusier – but there are so many more it’s almost impossible to list. From Alberti to Zenghelis. In my mind’s eye, I see the ’body of Architectural thinking’ as being free of any time, place or political restraint. I find interest in all the ages, all the cultures of the World. I ‘read buildings’ all the time where ever I am and inevitably will find something – a detail, a material, a device, a layout, a shadow pattern – which I subconsciously commit to my rather lengthy list of ‘favourites’. I admire also – the many builders who are not called ‘Architects’ or ‘Designers’, who have throughout the ages, constructed and shaped the environments in which they live. (what Rudowski termed ‘the Prodigious Builders’)

What is the future of architecture? What will it look like? What function will it serve?

"Perhaps the most intersting outcomes have been - the management of energy (green thinking), development of materials (thinner, stronger, lighter), electronics (automation, power generation, the cloud etc) and I think that these shifts within our evolution will continue. Patterns of work and living are continuiing to shift - the poor are getting poorer and the rich do as they do - and they will all live in built environments which will have to rely on natural resourses, space and sane political thinking. But " Architecture is the art of the Possible" so whilst I dont know what our next project will look like and equally what the future of architecture will look like - I do believe that design is....needed."

What struck me most in conversation with Mr Miszewski was the extraordinary passion and wonder that he brings to his projects and how the work is informed by so many disciplines and art forms. Coupled with that a real sense of  humility and a constant hunger to know more, to be inspired and to grow.

Architecture has always seemed a most astonishing discipline to me as it requires in equal parts right and left brain thinking. The vision, creativity and sensitivity of an artist and the technical savvy of a mathematician and engineer.  Our buildings house our dreams, inform our realities and give structure and certainty to an uncertain world  - i believe that Mr Miszewski is right - design is needed to fully experience and explore our concepts of reality as well as what is possible for the future.



Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

We're in the business of beautiful spaces.Whether its gardens, homes, restaurants or offices - the photographs are one of the most important tools that we have to sell your property to Directors, producers, art directors etc who see beautiful things all day everyday.

that is why it is so important, and why we recommend that you have professional photos taken Of your home. Shoot my House has a stable of photographers that we can call on to take these photos once you have signed with us so talk to us about it and we can talk you through the cost and you'll see how fast you see a return on that investment.

There is a lot that you can do to ensure that the shots of your home are everything that they could be .

1.Sounds obvious but Clean, clean, clean! Now that you will have a professional photographer it does not mean that you do not have to clean your home. Dirt shows up in pictures! Especially now that you will have high quality photos.Make sure to get those nooks and crannies, dust the mantle, scrub at the discolored spots and if you need to, clean your carpets! Despite what some people may think a professional photographer cannot photoshop untidiness and disgarded clothing, laundry etc out of the photo.

2.Declutter. When you think you have decluttered…declutter some more. That cute ceramic collection may mean the world to you, but it will not help in photos of your home. You will want your home to convey a model-home feel. Photos translate well with the least amount of things possible in the shot.

3. Make sure the house looks great from the outside. Freshen up your pot plants, rake up leaves, clean windows, windowsills, make sure the lawn is neatly cut and clear of "landmines".

Lastly, always remember the little things! Is the toilet seat up? Put it down. Is the toilet paper down to one last sheet? Replace it. Pay attention to blinds, curtains, bedspreads, shower curtains and baseboards. All of these things can add up to create a vision of your home that you do not want. Put your best foot (and home) forward and watch how fast we make it famous!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.01.54 PM

"Golly Mam - I dont think I have that version of Photoshop"

Welcome to the Shoot My House Blog

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.06.52 AMThis year Shoot My House is 8 years old. Its been an exciting journey so far and now we are ready to take it to the next level. The company began because of a love both of film as well as a love of architecture and interiors and also a love of dealing with people and creating creative solutions. These are our passions.

In this blog we would like to show you exciting new properties, give you the inside scoop on new interior and design trends, introduce you to new and upcoming artists and let you know about exciting new events happening in this phenomenal city we live in.

we hope you will enjoy visiting us here as much as we will enjoy bringing you this exciting content.

Remember if you have a magnificent home, garden, farm, guest house, shop, restaurant or any other exciting space get in touch with us and we can talk about how we can make that space work for you and provide a lucrative return on your investment.

contact us at red@shootmyhouse.tv or production@shootmyhouse.tv to find out more.