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To all our clients, our homeowners, scouts, producers, photographers, suppliers and all the new customers and clients we have yet to meet - we wish you the greatest Festive season. Our wish for you is that you are surrounded by Love and Kindness and that regardless of what you believe in, you remember that this is a time of year when we need to celebrate our similarities rather than our differences.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support and for the friends we have made along the way. Thank you.

Be safe but also a little silly this season.


All our Love


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The Glasshouse at Le Jardin

Le Jardin - A Wonderland in Stellenbosch

Step into a bygone era, a wonderland where time stands still. Current owners, Sue and Bernard, bought this expansive Stellenbosch property almost two decades ago,and with the help of architect Gerrit van der Wolf, transformed it into a fun and exciting land to be explored by child and adult alike.

The elegant Sir Herbert Baker style house is reminiscent of an era when life was slower, lunches were languid and everyone played croquet!

Apart from the work on the main house, Gerrit was commissioned with building a glass house, a sort of 'ode, to Bernard's love of old fashioned conservatories.'

True to the whimsical feeling of this location, a huge, ancient oak, bursts through the top of the glass roof,as though the 'Alice' of this story.

Beautiful, rolling, manicured lawns roll up to the buildings- and lead to pathways surrounded by foliage and interspersed with beautiful Alice in Wonderland characters, fashioned by Streetwise. Follow the paths and you end up on the wooden decking overlooking an eco dam. The Manor House at  is surrounded by lavender fields and rose gardens. Tree walks and a kiddies zipline add further delight to this magnificent property.A most beautiful and magical location for both film and stills shoots.

  • Glass house conservatory at LE JARDIN



CAPE COD Deconstructing Architecture and Design Styles

The White House - Shoot my House - Yserfontein
The White House - A gorgeous example of Cape Cod architecture.

We provide locations for film and stills shoots, and as such need to emulate many of the styles that are popular overseas or at least find essential elements of them within the houses that we represent in order to sell the style. A thorough understanding of the defining element of a style is therefore crucial. In this blog we deconstruct CAPE COD.

A quintessentially American style, developed by early English settlers in the 1600s. Partially inspired by the simple, thatched cottages common in Britain, the settlers adapted the style to keep out the harsh New England winter. These houses are essentially beach houses designed for the harsh New England climate.

Cape Cod architecture home

Originally quite simple and inexpensive starter homes, elements of the style have been copied to create more modern CAPE COD homes that are anything but inexpensive in areas such as Marthas Vineyard and The Hamptons and of course right here in Cape Town and surrounds.

Cape Cod style Home

Key defining elements are:
  • A large central chimney located directly behind the front door.
  • Steep roof. Cape Cods have steep roofs to quickly shed rain and snow.
  • Windows and dormers. A full Cape has two windows on each side of the door, and often has a dormer on each side of the chimney to open up the attic.
  • Captain's stairway. was accessed by a narrow stair, or 'captain's stairway,' which has incredibly steep risers and shallow treads to minimize the use of the first-floor space.
  • Shingle siding. Weathered gray shingles (what we call clapperboard) are one of the most recognizable elements of a classic Cape Cod, but newer homes are built of brick, stucco and stone.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 06.18.33

This example of Cape Cod architecture was immortalized by the hit movie SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE, home of the playwright played by Diane Keaton, and is probably the example of CAPE COD that most of us think of when bringing the style to mind.

Cape Cod interiors have modernized enormously since the first homes were created in the 17th century - creating large open plan living areas and morphing into 2 and 3 storey homes with a much larger footprint. The classic Beach element of what we think of as essential Cape Cod remains and is beautifully illustrated in the following examples.

The components are:

  • The use of white or off white for interiors and cabinetry - creating a fresh and beach cottage type style.
  • Classic lines in kitchen, bedroom and living rooms furnishings with soft elements which create a coziness against the harsh winter environment
  • wrap around porches with day bed.
  • wooden shutters
  • wooden flooring
  • central fireplaces
  • wooden staircases
  • French doors
  • Use of blue as an accent colour to reinforce the beach theme. Often Duck egg and french blue in soft furnishings and even cabinetry.
  • use of stripes, delicate florals or nautical designs on upholstery.
  • Overstuffed sofas, loveseats and chairs and painted wicker and slip-covered furniture enhances the casual, laid-back vibe of a coastal, Cape Cod cottage.
  • Wood furniture painted in bright pastel colors or white or stained with a natural finish gives the home a welcoming feel. Early American furniture styles, such as ladder-back dining chairs with rush seats, Windsor chairs, farmhouse and trestle dining tables, and step-back cupboards, give the home a traditional look.
  • Traditional lantern lighting - wall, hanging, table or outdoor.

Thanks to :
Liz Gray - Cape Cod Architecture
Julia of Hooked on Houses
Lacy Morris of ElleDecor

The New Tropical Obsession and How I met India Hicks

Its november, the sun has returned, days are longer and for the last few days the wind has been pumping. yes its early summer in Cape Town.
Each season we are all breathless for what the fashionistas will  prescribe as the overwhelmingly popular look for interiors and exteriors for the season. This season it feels like a lot of tropical, Bahama inspired chillaxing. Inspired, in part no doubt, by the very popular seried Blood Line set in the Florida Keys (if you havent watched this series yet on netflix you simply must immediately!).

Huge palm trees and even huger white balconies and verandahs that you can imagine drinking home made lemonade on abound, and  so it was that one late friday afternoon i met India hicks via a rather lovely client of mine. I was lying on the couch when she came into my life - it was late friday-  more evening than afternoon, and i wasn't particularly well dressed, which is embarrassing when meeting an heir to the Britishthrone. Shes 678th in line so i guess i can chill out a bit about that. Anyhoo, there is was. "Do you know India Hicks?" my client asked. Indi who? was my inane response and then there she was in all her Bahamaian glory with the breathlessly chic yet relaxed home and easy breezy southern style that you gotta love, staring out at me from the pages of google as if to say "how could you have not known about me. Shame on you" Shame on me indeed...

As Interiors Online put it "There’s no disputing the pedigree of British-born designer India Hicks. Daughter of interior designer David Nightingale Hicks, she was a bridesmaid for Princess Diana and Prince Charles, an international fashion model, and developed luxury fragrances and product lines for Crabtree and Evelyn. With three published interior design books inspired by her island lifestyle in the Bahamas, India Hicks is also a well-respected designer. With a relaxed coastal-chic style that blends her tropical island lifestyle with colonial elements, India incorporates soft natural materials of paper, wood and straw with muted tones for a calming effect. She layers eccentric objects, pictures and momentos to create a layered, liveable home that encompasses a definite British flavour with a strong sense of individuality."
And then, as we do, I started searching through my locations for homes that exude a similar sensibility and elements of the style. Immediately I knew I had my very own India Hicks in the form of my BFF. As leggy as India, as helplessly, yet casually stylish and her beautiful home in Stanford - Country Life. Roz creates little pockets of interest all over the house that have me oohing and aahing as i walk around. A flair, no a talent  inherited from her darling mom, she has created a space so extraordinary and yet so unfussy and so impossibly stylish.

Other beauiful properties on our books that exude this sensibility are:
Misty Beach
Misty Beach captures the easy living southern style

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.49.37 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.48.45 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.48.26 AMScreen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.47.57 AM
Image refs:
Bungalow blue interiors
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Help Us Help You

Today's blog post is a little different from the norm because today i'm imploring anyone who reads this blog and who lives in the Western Cape -  who either cares about the film industry , makes their living from it or cares about the huge revenue that this industry contributes to our gross domestic product to have their say on between now and the 31st August.

The City is in the process of finalising the draft City of Cape Town Filming By-law, 2016 and draft City of Cape Town Municipal Planning Third Amendment By-law, 2016.
The draft by-laws relate to the regulation of filming activities on all properties within Cape Town.
On the 15th August there will be an open day where members of the public and affected parties are invited to attend an open day session where comments and / or representation on the drafts can be made.

What we are determined to see in this new draft is a change to the 2015 stipulations that require anyone wanting to host film shoots on their private properties to apply for and obtain an occasional land use permit. This stipulation, given the time frame required for such a permit to be obtained would effectively destroy our industry and make filming in Cape Town impossible.

Comments and input can also be sent via email or by completing one of the online forms. Please see the link below for more information. I urge all our homeowners to get involved and to have your say. None of us want to see our incomes destroyed by needless red tape. Lets remind the city how the film industry contributes not only directly but also through the revenue it brings the hospitality industries including hotels, restaurants, entertainment, home rentals, transport companies, tourism, retailers - how it contributes to promoting SA as a tourist destination and of course how many jobs it creates along the way.

Filming Bylaw Info, Contacts and Forms

I hope  that you will contribute to this discussion and help us to save our industry for all who benefit from it.



Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

We're in the business of beautiful spaces.Whether its gardens, homes, restaurants or offices - the photographs are one of the most important tools that we have to sell your property to Directors, producers, art directors etc who see beautiful things all day everyday.

that is why it is so important, and why we recommend that you have professional photos taken Of your home. Shoot my House has a stable of photographers that we can call on to take these photos once you have signed with us so talk to us about it and we can talk you through the cost and you'll see how fast you see a return on that investment.

There is a lot that you can do to ensure that the shots of your home are everything that they could be .

1.Sounds obvious but Clean, clean, clean! Now that you will have a professional photographer it does not mean that you do not have to clean your home. Dirt shows up in pictures! Especially now that you will have high quality photos.Make sure to get those nooks and crannies, dust the mantle, scrub at the discolored spots and if you need to, clean your carpets! Despite what some people may think a professional photographer cannot photoshop untidiness and disgarded clothing, laundry etc out of the photo.

2.Declutter. When you think you have decluttered…declutter some more. That cute ceramic collection may mean the world to you, but it will not help in photos of your home. You will want your home to convey a model-home feel. Photos translate well with the least amount of things possible in the shot.

3. Make sure the house looks great from the outside. Freshen up your pot plants, rake up leaves, clean windows, windowsills, make sure the lawn is neatly cut and clear of "landmines".

Lastly, always remember the little things! Is the toilet seat up? Put it down. Is the toilet paper down to one last sheet? Replace it. Pay attention to blinds, curtains, bedspreads, shower curtains and baseboards. All of these things can add up to create a vision of your home that you do not want. Put your best foot (and home) forward and watch how fast we make it famous!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.01.54 PM

"Golly Mam - I dont think I have that version of Photoshop"

Top tips for keeping warm in the bleak midwinter

It's the 4th of July. A day for fireworks, festivals and parties in the US of A.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.27.14 AM

For us its the middle of winter and really pretty chilly. Every winter I complain bitterly about the fact that South African houses are not designed to handle the cold. It seems the cold comes in from everywhere. If Jagermeister shots or doing aerobics around the living room in the early mornings and evenings is not really your deal then how do we make the house warmer and cozier in these chilly times?

A fireplace is great but if you really want something to warm the whole house then you need to look at a slow combustion heating stove. They can fit right into the existing fireplace and use you existing chimney. Maybe not as sexy as an open fire but then neither is goose flesh!

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.11.21 AM

The other place that heat really escapes in winter is through the windows right through the glass. If double glazing sounds a little drastic then think heavier curtains with lining. That will help to keep the cold air out and will keep the warmth in. The moment the sun goes down close the curtains so that you don't loose the heat that you have been able to generate indoors during the day.

A lot of our homes have trendy screed flooring which is fantastic for young children and animals and cool for summer. For winter - not so great! Warm these up with carpets and rugs for winter that can be stored away in the summer months. Same goes for chairs and couches- warm and cozy them up with scatter cushions and throws of various textures that can be drycleaned and storted away once the temperatures soar again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.17.33 AM

Lighting also goes a long way not only to make a room appear more cosy but the heat emitted does infact do its part to make the space warmer. Add to your existing lighting with practical lamps to create areas of interest in a room and to add to the effect of a warm and inviting space. Economical wall heaters really do work in bedrooms and enclosed areas as does the good old fashioned hot water bottle and electric blanket. If all else fails Body heat is another of our favourites....

What works for you? Would love to hear if you have some great tricks to keep the frostbite at bay and remember that we are always looking for beautiful new properties at Shoot My house so if you have a house, garden, farm, office that you think should be in the movies and make you a nice little additional income give us a call and lets make it Famous!








Welcome to the Shoot My House Blog

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.06.52 AMThis year Shoot My House is 8 years old. Its been an exciting journey so far and now we are ready to take it to the next level. The company began because of a love both of film as well as a love of architecture and interiors and also a love of dealing with people and creating creative solutions. These are our passions.

In this blog we would like to show you exciting new properties, give you the inside scoop on new interior and design trends, introduce you to new and upcoming artists and let you know about exciting new events happening in this phenomenal city we live in.

we hope you will enjoy visiting us here as much as we will enjoy bringing you this exciting content.

Remember if you have a magnificent home, garden, farm, guest house, shop, restaurant or any other exciting space get in touch with us and we can talk about how we can make that space work for you and provide a lucrative return on your investment.

contact us at or to find out more.