The Glasshouse at Le Jardin

Le Jardin - A Wonderland in Stellenbosch

Step into a bygone era, a wonderland where time stands still. Current owners, Sue and Bernard, bought this expansive Stellenbosch property almost two decades ago,and with the help of architect Gerrit van der Wolf, transformed it into a fun and exciting land to be explored by child and adult alike.

The elegant Sir Herbert Baker style house is reminiscent of an era when life was slower, lunches were languid and everyone played croquet!

Apart from the work on the main house, Gerrit was commissioned with building a glass house, a sort of 'ode, to Bernard's love of old fashioned conservatories.'

True to the whimsical feeling of this location, a huge, ancient oak, bursts through the top of the glass roof,as though the 'Alice' of this story.

Beautiful, rolling, manicured lawns roll up to the buildings- and lead to pathways surrounded by foliage and interspersed with beautiful Alice in Wonderland characters, fashioned by Streetwise. Follow the paths and you end up on the wooden decking overlooking an eco dam. The Manor House at  is surrounded by lavender fields and rose gardens. Tree walks and a kiddies zipline add further delight to this magnificent property.A most beautiful and magical location for both film and stills shoots.

  • Glass house conservatory at LE JARDIN




If one word could sum up the last few years i would say that word would be OVERWHELM.

Tres Chic

It's gotten to the point where i have to have 2 strong coffees before i have the courage to face my inbox. In the summer months upwards of 300 emails fly in there a day not to mention my personal inbox which is filled daily with online courses, ways of making money, ads, letters announcing the fortune i have received from long lost cousins and aunts, uncles and other family members - all mysteriously from the USA where we have no connection or family. you get the picture. our mailboxes are stuffed full with magazines we never read, neighberhood rags that trees are cut down for, special offers, broadsheets, estate agent pamphlets.

In our homes piles of things lie around that we are afraid to get rid of but never look at, clothing fills our cupboards that we may wear one day in the future even though we have never worn them before except in the change room in 1995 - and all the while our living spaces are getting smaller and smaller as the cost of living in big cities rises by the day.

I've just finished  Ellen DeGeneres' hilarious book entitled  "Seriously, I'm kidding"   in which she describes the various items that her mother packed up to move with in 2010 - they includes VHS tapes some unopened of various ab exercise programs, a set of cookie cutters from the late 1950's and other items that had me crying with laughter in my car because of the hilarity of it and because i have some of those items too.

The madness must end. Is the opposite of this a sparten existence? Should we be striving for that or can we settle on simplicity?  The idea that everything has a place and everything in its place and that everything that is in your space is purposely chosen to be there - its not there by happenstance. Living purposefully, mindfully and how it flows over into the choices we make within our most private spaces. that sounds a bit wierd but you know what i mean. Our homes environments. I like that idea and so was delighted to find a book on interior design by that name. Because if there is one thing i CANNOT bring myself to stop hording its books and magazines. its a sickness people!

The great joy of my job is seeing the cool spots that people call home but even better meeting the awesome people who have made those homes awesome. For example the talented Beate who calls BAREFOOT home. Beate is an interior designer (which you can see when you look at her home)

"the practise of subtraction" - using three components in a space instead of Ten requires that any of those three items are far more consequential in impact than any of the ten.

Barefoot has a paired down interior to give every element more weight and meaning.


Simplicity doesnt have to mean spartan spaces - What it does require is balance and a sense of order whether that is through repetition, duplication and proportion as in Country Life

In a completely different sort of space House Hugo - the same rules are applied - using repetition of colour to achieve extraordinary effect.


Silver Villa uses oversized light fittings to manipulate scale and proportion as well as repetition of wooden elements to tie the different seating together and the room as a whole together

Enigma Mansion uses texture and pattern to create an overall harmony of design. Check out the silk wallcoverings and the opulent velvet upholstery.

So to sum up - Simplicity- as it relates to interiors requires that you practise

  • The practise of subtraction - each element be carefully "curated"  NO Abritrary clutter allowed.
  • Repetition - repeting elements of colour, or texture, material , pattern or shape to create a cohesive whole (Not all these elements!!!)
  • Proportion - playing with oversized pieces in small spaces or vice versa to manipulate scale and proportion.

We are so inspired by our homeowners magnificent spaces and are intrigued by how they express themselves and their individuality in the homes that they inhabit. We love to share the beautiful ways that they live with you. We would love to hear what you think.

with love





New Year - New interior Inspiration!

I dont know about you, but in our world, things are ramping up for a big spring market!! So I thought I would share a few design tips and trends for the New Year…. Please remember, not all of this applies if you are selling a home. It is great to incorporate some things, especially […]

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Creating an Inspiring Work Space

A home office can be one of the most important rooms in a house, but it often gets overlooked. As a place of work, home offices are often cold, bland and uninspired. Here’ are a few tips on how to make a more creative, inspiring and productive space. Lighting Getting adequate lighting is essential to […]

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A Home What really matters - Flowers

A very very wise man once said that "After women, flowers are the most lovely thing that God has given the world" Well thank you Mr Dior, there is no doubt you are very astute and that we are very lovely indeed, but enough about us girls and more about flowers...
Flowers uplift any space and take it from drab and lifeless to beautiful without airs and graces - bunches of flowers can be simple or extremely sophisticated depending on the occassion and the personality of the floweree (new word meaning person who has the flowers in their space)  The current trends toward less structured arrangements and toward field flowers and arrangements in monotone or "dirty" colours, using flowers only locally grown are all exciting trends to look at. so lets look already and stop gabbing.
These are the top trends for 2017 according to Country Living

  1. Dahlias - with so many varieties Dahlias can be very versatle and are hugely popular right now. The most popular colours this year being dusty pinks, peaches and cream and creamy colours. Here they are mixed with Peonies my absolute favourite flowers.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.14.01 AM
2. Hanging Arrangements - to be seen EVERYWHERE these are so magnificent - everything from hanging hoops to elaborate rectanglar constructions, deconstructed hanging air plants - these are such big news and lift the eye creating so much space. To be seen in the magnificent Babylonstoren wedding venues - they are a super hot trend and hopefully will be for a long time to come.

3. Farm Fresh Flowers - Like the food to table trend in fresh produce we're seeing the same trend in flowers, with local varietes that do not have to travel great distances being the preferred blooms.  It seems illogical to trade a massive carbon footprint for cut flowers that are already 5 days old at least when you buy them. This means we're looking at locally sourced varieties that are seasonal. A refreshing and earth friendly trend!
Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.20.13 AM

4. Red Wine Hues  - Lots of deep wine tones to be seen in arrangements from cabernet to pinot noir and burgendy which all couple nicely with more delicate jewelled tones and softer pastels.

 Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 6.21.08 AM
5. Tropical Plants and Green Arrangements - we have seen a huge increase this year in stills companies requesting tropical plant locations and everywhere we're seeing enormous vases filled entirely and to great effect with Elephant Ears or delicious monster leaves. Tall architectural fronds of Arumlilies are also magnificent in oversized simple glass vases. Simple, and yet they create such a statement AND they last for weeks with minimal requirements except water and to be kept out of direct sunlight.
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 5.56.51 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.15.31 AM
6. Green arrangements - following on from this is the trend toward arrangements made solely of foliage. keeping costs down substantially you can make stuning arranagement with plants such a slaender, rosemary, olive branches as well as lots of wonderful varieties of fynbos if you're lucky enough to live in the Cape.

7. Muddy Colours - Arrangements in toned down muddy, " dirty" colours continue to be popular and counter balance with the softer buttery hues that are also big news this year as well as the stunning Dusty rose which is a toned down version of the soft pastel pink.Magnificent in roses and peonies.

8. Combining Sculptural vegetable elements with flowers and foliage - Beautiful artichoke heads, Turnips, red cabage, Kale combined with more traditional flowers and foliage make a remarkable arrangement.

A Home -What Really Matters - Part One

I have long been a fan of Lucia van der Post, daugher of our own Laurens Van der Post. Regarded as one of the most stylish women in England and a doyene of good taste, I have always agreed with her that the things that matter in a house, apart from it being filled with people that you love, (which is really the only important thing) are books, flowers, music, food and wine. In all of these catagories you dont have to be a millionaire to acquire them - the fridge does not need to be stocked exclusively with Crystal and caviar - the books not required to be first editions, the flowers can be field flowers - what matters is that they speak to you - to what you love and hold dear.

Books Filling a home with the books on subjects that you love and that interest you speaks volumes about who you are and what is important to you. They are easier than ever to come upon thanks to Amazon, whose endless selection of coffee table books is extraordinary.   Just scanning through whats on offer on can be a little overwhelming. Of course Kindle is now an option too which is handy when you're on the go constantly and dont have a place to keep an extensive collection of books but there is something so special about the weight , the smell and the tangibility of a real coffee table book that Kindle can never match.  Closer to home and if you can't handle the wait Exclusive Books and Wordsworth Books always offer a very exciting array of must have books. Lately they have had the most fabulous coffee table books featuring the great contemporary designers. Markets and second hand book stores are a wonderful source of preloved treasures that you wouldn't necessarily find anywhere else and should not be overlooked. I have found some absoute beauties in the strangest of places - In Plett recently - the most wonderful 2nd hand book shop or Hermanus, stanford, down the road. You just need some time and patience. Specialty stores now also stock books that are within the same genre and often these are very interesting finds that chain bookstores would not keep. Latsly i have found some real beauties at trade fairs like Decorex and the annual Home expos. I spend every available cent, and even some that are not available tragically, on books. My current absolute favourites (some old some new in my own collection are:
Annie Leibovitz- Photographs (a collection of her iconic photographs of celebrities and game changers) This extraordinary photographer belongs in any art lovers collection as far as i am concerned. She has taken portrait photography to a new level. Beloved by Vogue and all the top fashion magazines Annie's work just keeps stretching and astonishing her audience.
Leading Ladies (Don MacPherson and Louise Brody) is a book I've had for years but will always be one of my all time favourites. Filled with black and white photos of starlets from the very beginning of cinema - The Silent Era's Theda Bara and Evelyn Brent all the way through to the 1980's Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer and Greta Scacchi's - this book gives me endless inspiration.
In Detail - Inspiring Ideas for Creative Interiors (Hans Blomquist) is a new purchase of mine that I am loving. A designer with a keen sense of the little details that are often overlooked, this book is filled with the most wonderful close up images and deals with nature, texture, colour, textiles, collections and display. Its artisanal eye candy!!
Botanicum - (curated by Katie Scott and Kathy Wills) I am obsessed with old fashioned botanical prints. Obsessed! So this books with its extraordinary artistic renderings just does my business. Enough said.
Parisiennes - (Flammarion) is another coffee table book of images of Parisiennes living life from 1914 to the early 1980's. From socialites, the Coco Chanels' of the world through to anonymous ladies in the park walking with parambulators. The book is entirely in French - I bought it while in Paris and its all about the images for me rather than improving my French comprehension which remains marginal. I drove my partner mad because by the time we got to the airport I was so weighed down with enormous books in arms I could barely drag by suitcase behind me. What you gonna do? I also bought a beautiful book on that same trip in Amsterdam called The Big book for Little Gardens - (John Brookes) well it means that but its all in Dutch. Dont care! Its all about the pictures.
There are a million more I would love to mention. Loving Style icons - a book on the south african style icons of the early 21st century. Perfect Hideaways (Paul Duncan) first coffee table book with extraordinary images of some of the magnificent homes that are available locally for short term holiday lets. Looking forward to Volume 2 - hint hint is anyone from PH is reading this! Henri Cartier Bresson's coffee table books make me want to weep with their beauty, Sebastiao Salgado's Migrations, One2One, Anything on Gaudi, Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Interiors (the shabby chic bible)

Cookery books are also a passion of mine. No collection is complete without Delia Smith's How to Cook. I am also a fan of Secrets of a French Cooking Class by Marlene Van Der Westhuizen. Filled with the most sumptious photographs of both her food and the magnificent French Village of Charroux that she takes her students to for their education. Marlene is a Capetonian whose heart belongs somewhere between home and the cobble stones of the french countryside. Even Gwyneth Paltrow's book - It's All Good has the most wonderful and healthy recipes and beautiful photographs as has The Fresh Vegan Kitchen (David and Charlotte Bailey)  and Fresh India (Meera Sodha)
Initially I had intended this blog to cover books in total. Ha ha!!Rather ambitious of me but its such a vast topic that I can only begin to chat about Coffee Table books really and mostly the ones that get my juices flowing - and only a tiny fraction of those!!. I would love to hear about books that move you. As always I would Love to hear from you and hope that this has been a fun read. let me know!! In the follwing blogs we'll look at the other must haves - Music, Flowers, food, wine. See you soon.
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SA Design Royalty - Julian and Trevyn McGowan

South African design has come a long way very fast and right now it is celebrated around the world. There are many players involved in the renaissance of South African design and no more so than the extraordinary husband wife team that is Julian and Trevyn McGowan.
Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.43.58 PM
The couple have a very interesting background. Julian was a theatre and opera designer in London and Trevyn had an interior and architectural practise doing renovations and redevelopments for the likes of Clive Owen, Sir Ian McKellan, Gerald Butler and Rachel Wiesz. When the couple returned to South Africa they established a company called SOURCE. Part of their homecoming was to rediscover what South African design was all about. They had utilised it in their work abroad and imported it for their clients, and "what began as an interest grew into an absolute passion for local design."
The creation of Source has been very beneficial in bridging the gap between local designers and the foreign market in what was then a new emerging market. Thanks to their established relationship with the international marketplace and an understanding of what it required, Trevyn and Julian were able to present products in a way that that would be well received abroad.

Source now provides South African products to the international marketplace - from the Conran shop to Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Jamie Oliver, Soho House Group, Bergdorf Goodman etc etc. As an extension they then went on to create SOUTHERN GUILD which serves as a platform for leading local designers, artists and craftsmen to exhibit new work at the very top end of the market - limited edition, one off collectable designs. Southern Guild encourages collaboration, discourse and mentorship and uses international exhibitions as a platform to stimulate and provoke the industry. They believe that South African design is attractive to the foreign market because it largely does not follow international trends and is freer and infused with very many different infiuences.
Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.43.01 PM
Not intent to leave it at that, the couple, who astonishingly have also made the time to have a gaggle of magnificent looking children, Trevyn and Julian then went on to create The Guild which has culminated in the multi faceted venue in the remarkably exciting Silos District. The Guild, which houses an in house studio, concept store, Furniture range as well as gallery space had a glittering opening party with the who's who of design in attendance sipping vodkas from golden pineapples earlier this winter 2017.
Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.57.53 PM
Opening Party at The Guild - Silos District - Cape Town

GUILD is set to become a concept-driven experience, with bespoke items available for purchase, alongside contemporary and limited-edition furniture, and great exhibitions, featuring international galleries.
Under The Guild Group’s creative director, Tammy Tinker, GUILD Concept will present a selection of fresh and intriguing must-have items (including jewellry, accessories, gifts, and more), with seasonal ranges from leading Cape Town manufacturers, who specialise in everything from fine art to fashion and furniture design.

Nearby, GUILD Studio will provide production furniture by top South African designers, such as Gregor Jenkin, Meyer von Wielligh and Dokter and Misses, with Julian McGowan’s own in-house range leading the pack.
Another very exciting project that the team have taken on is The BUSINESS OF DESIGN which hosts an annual 2 day seminar in Cape Town and Johannesburg with some of the design leaders from across South Africa. It feels a lot like TED TAlks for artists. Last year the distinguished line up included Brian Steinhobel of Steinhobel design, Stefan Antoni of SAOTA, OKHA, ARRCC, Heather Moore of Skinny La Minx, Emilie Gambade - Elle, Sorbet's Ian Fuhr, destinguished chef Luke Dale Roberts of Pot luck club and Test Kitchen, Conn Bertish of Cancer Dojo amongst many many more. I know I'll be there for sure and will watch with great excitement as the Silo District really starts to take off in the coming months as the design epicentre of the Cape.
Style Icons - Paul Duncan
Insideguide - Tamlyn Ryan


Imagining a Better Future Through Architecture - Greg Truen of SAOTA chats to us.

There is nothing more exciting than getting into the mind of an artist even for a little bit and getting a glimpse of how the world looks through their eyes.

And so I was delighted when SAOTA's Greg Truen agreed to give me some insight into what makes the architects at SAOTA tick. Anyone who has been to Cape Town would have seen examples of the SAOTA homes in the poshest of Atlandtic seaboard addresses. Nettleton road is a living show room for some of the most extraordinary  SAOTA creations in the Cape. With its roots in South Africa, SAOTA now has an international footprint with projects on five continents. Their work extends from residential to Hotels and resorts, commercial and retail, public and cultural. Despite the vast scope of their projects there is a thread that runs through all their design. Their work is informed by a rich tradition of regional modernism and is inspired by architects such as Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil, Luis Barragan in Mexico, The Case Study Houses in California, Paul Rudolphe in the NY and Gawie Fagan in Cape Town.

What is the SAOTA design aesthetic?
"We try to create simple layered spaces that engage with their environments and celebrate human life."
What role do you see a home fulfilling for its occupants? As in what ingredients create a successful living space?
"People are interested in quality, excellence and an architecture that has a personality and identity. These are universal concepts that are understood by everyone regardless of where they live in the world. We live in buildings for most of our lives, building relationships and families, learning and playing and living. The quality of these buildings has a profound effect on our ability to imagine a better future, to grow and to make a success of what we do with our lives. It’s a key building block for a healthy society."


You are front runners in your field with properties the world over. What is the secret To your ongoing success ?
"At SAOTA we understand our clients and their aspirations, lifestyles and needs. From this emerges design that connects built space to external space, the landscape and the view; powerful buildings that delight yet are firmly grounded. Our projects exhibit sophisticated use of materials, precise attention to detail and a refined interpretation of contemporary global luxury, which translates into edgy, yet livable buildings that are without artifice and are, essentially, timeless."

What do you see as the future of architecture ? What will it look like?
"Good design right now is not about trend or style but about a design approach that fully analyses the context of a project and encompasses a design that optimises all aspects of the site, views, climate, brief, budget and lifestyle. There is an approach of using more tactile and natural elements. I really like the current trend to integrate nature into buildings and to make more use of natural light. We want the earth to touch our architecture and this is reflected in the raw elements and finishes being used."

Its difficult to say too much about these astonishing works of architecture as they essentially speak for themselves. To me they speak of beauty, of power, aspiration and synergy. They look like the dwellings of Masters of the Universe - And often they are.

One of SAOTA'S great architectural inspirations is Oscar Niemeyer who says it so perfectly and its so applicable to the work of SAOTA; " My Architecture is easy to understand and enjoy, I hope it is also hard to forget."
For me the interest in architecture and design is how it informs our lives. A building - be it a home or a public space creates a stage on which  we act out the dramas and the comedies of our lives. It is an essential component in our story, creating a context and an ambiance that can set the scene for anything from Iron Man to Death of a Salesman. These buildings set the scene for an optomistic and beautiful future.

Remember if you have a beautiful property - be it a home, office, garden, store and would like to offer it as a film or stills location or for short term accommodation or events please get hold of us. We would love to work with you on creating extra value in your property.

All the Best from the girls at Shoot My House - Jeanne, Sharleen and Liz

Dying for A Drink

Its hot in Africa. Everyone knows that. Even if you still wrongly assume that Lions roam the streets, pretty much everyone knows it gets hot here. Well its summer and not only is it hot but it is dry in South Africa. Sadly for us we are now in a drought cycle. Our dams are very very low and water restrictions are very strict. In Cape Town we're on level 3 water restrictions. For those of us with gardens - That means you are allowed to water your garden 3 days a week by hand. That means with buckets or watering cans ONLY - no irigation systems, hosepipes, sprinklers or any other devise that doesnt involve some seriously heavy lifting, and of course you get penalised with very high bills should your water consumption be above a certain amount of kilolitres.

what it has done, which can only be a positive thing, (and i guess we need to learn the lessons and see the positives in what adversities throw at us) is that it has conscientised us to how much water we "waste" on a daily basis and how we can better utilise our resources and maximise them.  For a while now I have thought about the idea of replumbing so that bath, shower, washing machine water can be collected and used to irrigate plants and lawn. Suddenly its a necessity and so going forward it will become the norm - drought or no drought. Whole industries have sprung up to cater for this reality / necessity. What it also necessitates is changing the products that we use so that they are eco friendly and plant friendly. Harsh detergents are going to be a bit of a no no on the roses right?  Nothing wrong with that tweak either. And so nature guides us to rethink and to green up - she's a clever lady!!screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-6-04-13-am

We also need to look at water wise planting as an alternative to the English country garden and look to the wonderous indigenous plants on offer locally that are spectacular. Lawn is a real undisputed standard in south african gardens but the point is it was brought by the British who have year round rain in abundance whereas we have well less than half their rainfall and its seasonal. Grass is great for kids and animals to play on but its worth considering smaller, more highly structured areas of lawn perhaps that becomes a strong design feature. Keith Kirsten suggests replacing areas of lawn with meadow type gardens.


Another important consideration is the use of waterwise plants such as grey leafed plants. Plants with hairs on leaves and stems, waxy cuticles, bulbs and tubers, dormancy at certain times of the year, smaller leaves. reduced plant size, plants with fleshy leaves like aloes, ground covers and plants with very volatile oils (like lavender). The choices here are immense and actually very exciting.

There is so much that can aid in water retention in a garden. Mulching, the process of covering soil and roots of plants with broken down bark and garden trimmings in order to protect from excessive evaporation, is a great way to protect gardens from harsh environments. Feeding with manure is another excellent way of giving plants the boost they need to strengthen in tough conditions. just remember that if you fertilise your lawn you will need to water it deeply immediately or it will burn.

Adversity strengthens us, teaches us, makes us more resilient ultimately and so it is for our gardens. Drought is not fun but perhaps we can make the lessons it teaches us and the obstacles we have to overcome fun and exciting by being open to new ideas and new ways of thinking about our green spaces.

We would LOVE to hear what you have done to make your garden more efficient and any great tips you have and plants you'd recommend. We would love it if you would send this on to any friends that you think would enjoy the article and could benefit from it.

If you or a friend has a home, garden, office, restaurant, farm or any other interesting space that you would like to offer for stills, tv commercials, events or accommodation please don't hesistae to get hold of us or fill in a form under NEW LOCATION LISTING on our blog and we will get right back to you.

All the Best

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