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A Natural Concept of Beauty at Home

One of the great things about working with locations is the extraordinarily creative people that you meet. I met Evi many years ago when we signed her magnificent home in Somerset West. Evi and her husband have a company called Home Concept. They are architectural and interior designers.They came to South Africa from Germany in 2002 with little money, big dreams and a lot of determination. They bought a small house in Somerset west and started to renovate it. After some trial and error they found and put together a great team to work with. Having completed their own home they took on their first client project. That was a great success and since then they have been constantly busy just through word of mouth. What started as small alterations soon became complete home makeovers focusing on designing, building and furnishing new houses.

But it was not always so. Evi was a dental technician for many years before she decided to embrace her love of design. A friend in Germany gave her the first break when she asked Evi to decorate the interior of her new home,as she had the money but neither the time or inclination. And so her interior design company in Germany was born.

Evi’s top tips for updating ones house

  • “Start by drawing up a budget” she says, “then make a list of things you want to change, in order of importance. Consider the whole house. If you’re not sure what you want use helpful tools such as Pinterest in order to create moodboards. Make sure that you budget for every step. If you want to redo your whole kitchen, get quotes to give you an idea of how much you’ll have left for decor and accessories.
  • Leave room for the unforeseen. Check what you have and whether it can be altered. A coat of paint can make a huge difference.
  • Declutter!!!
  • Try to stick to Neutral tones when it comes to big items like a couch. You can always add a splash of colour with feature walls and accessories, as its easier and cheaper to change once you get bored with it.
  • Give lighting a proper thought. Don’t use ceiling lights in living rooms. Rather use different light sources in order to create a cozy feeling. If you can afford it – use a professional.

What is your style aesthetic?

Clean lines, calming colours, abundant texture and bold pieces. I love bringing nature into my home and giving new purpose to simple elements like a piece of driftwood.

Are there any particular interior stores that you love?

“I like Weylandts quite a bit, love just browsing around , but there are so many creative people in this country that you can often find amazing stuff in unexpected places.”

Recently Evi and Jochem have made a change again moving to Yserfontein. They now concentrate on design. They also build one spec house per year with the emphasis on focused, considered design and beautiful unusual finishes. Their design work is done all over the Cape.

When i asked them what they love about South Africa the answer was really inspiring.

“Whats not to like? The most amazing aspect of living in this country is the fact that there are endless possibilities for those who are determined.”

Drop us a line if you’d like to connect with Evi and Jochem of Home Concept and we can send you their details. Or check out their site at

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