Shoot My House is a location services company representing residential and commercial locations in Cape Town.

We see your shoot from start to finish, beginning with the location briefing. We are involved in the technical recces and ensuring that you are satisfied with your experience of the shooting location.

We also arrange any clean ups and liaise with contractors should any repairs be required. Feel free to ask us about our cleaning service.

Our locations

We try to be as diverse as possible in our range of locations so that we are able to service your location requirements whatever they may be. If you don’t find it on the website please call and ask us.

We have a large pool of locations which are not on the website but which are stored on our database.

In keeping with what we do, we name our locations after popular films - so search for “The Great Gatsby” or “Mr and Mrs Smith” and you will find them on our site, side by side with many other well-loved films.


We work with top international advertising and production companies, photographers and freelance scouts to help them find the right location for their shoots. Our locations have been used for advertising, catalogue, stock footage, TV commercials, feature films and special events.

Why not send us your specific location and production needs and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you are requesting a location for a particular shoot, please be specific about the shoot details. If you have a storyboard or script send that to so that we can better help you find what you need.

location owners

Shoot My House is always on the lookout for new locations to offer our clients.

If you have a Home, Office, Beautiful Garden, Farm, Store, Art Gallery or any other space which you think is unusual or beautiful and could perhaps be a location for stills of film shoots please send us an email with images of your location (both interior and exterior) and a brief description including where it is located and your contact details.

We look forward to “Making Your House Famous!”

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